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IBCG is an internationa consulting company, provides services for pioneer businesses, governments and NGOs.We help business ownwers to improve the perfomance and achive their goalsIn IBCG, More than 20 counsellors and 10 international business finance specialists, business value, branding, marketing, technology and law specialists come together to provide the best services for businesses.IBCG believes in delivering unique brand experience for your audiences to motivate and encourage brands to expand their limits in Creativity,Strategy,Design and Advertisement,The people behind ibcg are bold innovators,We believe innovation must happen rapidly,we recognize creativity and realize the power of going digital,adaptability is more vital to success than ever. 

Our Vision

Connecting iran with global markets and business development in iran, middle east and all around the world

Our Mission

Improving business performance and attracting investors

Our Values

We hire the best talent candidates

fully qualified and highly experienced team

Our most valuable assets are reputation and dignity

    • Reza Arbabian CEO Sheypoor.com

       A manager that is enthusiastic, energetic and very capable in negotiations. During this period Rojin has been able to negotiate favorable deals for us with media outlets because of her strong connections, and with her high morale she was able to create a unified and coherent team.

    • Mehdi Rezaei COO digikala.com

      I have known Rojin for about 10 years and I would dare say that she is one of the first women active in this field as a professional and during these years I’ve had a very professional work experience with her.


    • Hamid Mahmoudzade CEO karzar.ir

      Rojin is one of the oldest advertising and Digital marketing platform and cooperating with her has always been a success for us



    • Alireza Saffari CEO unigene.co

      Rojin is a talented strategist for businesses who are are willing to fly, her limit is the sky, She is really good in market analysis and business development, One thing that can be mention that she is perfect in is her situation analysis.


    • Khayyam Asgari CMO Dorsa.net

      An interesting point about Rojin is no matter what your job is,she definitely knows someone who can help you and this makes the businesses connections. The more interesting point is in the middle of this connection, new ideas and added value Is created that you actually face a new world. Rojin has special skills for this; negotiation and continuous follow up are just two of them,.