How - IBCGCompany - Executive Search

ibcgcompany seeks to partner closely with you to understand the responsibilities of the position, the culture of the company and the profile of the ideal candidate - all of which combine to define the scope and focus of the search that we will lead to successful conclusion.

"We take a personalized and professional approach to build long-term, highly productive and trusting relationships with our clients and with our candidates. We strive to deliver outstanding results in the most professional and collaborative way possible."


The ibcgcompany team collectively brings a wealth of industry and functional experience to all of our client relationships. Having first-hand managerial experience to draw on, we are quick to understand the challenges and opportunities facing our clients. That understanding, supported by our search capabilities, expertise and passion, is an ideal foundation for outstanding results.

Our thorough search & selection process consist of the following six phases:

1. Search Service Agreement

  • Agreement on contract fee, T&Cs, job description and compensation.

2. Client intake

  • Understanding the organization, culture, people, purposes and goals.
  • Define qualifications, responsibilities, competencies and parameters of the position.
  • Assist in developing the job description.
  • Provide a realistic and clear timeline and action plan.

3. Search

  • Locate, identify and contact potential candidates.

4. Selection

  • Online Assessment and face-to-face interviews with selected candidates.

5. Introduction

  • Present a shortlist of qualified candidates with their personal profiles.
  • Provide reference checks on final candidates (optional).

6. Follow up

  • Provide clients ongoing consultation throughout the hiring process.
  • Manage candidate expectations and negotiate offers and acceptances.
  • Post-hire follow-up.